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When I was planning to write my book with my co-author, I enquired with several publishers and I was highly recommended to approach Kok Hwa from Candid Creation Publishing. After my first meeting with Kok Hwa, I knew I had found my publisher!

Apart from his insights and expertise in getting our book published, Kok Hwa is very good with his advice on what works and helped us to shape the book concept along the way. In fact, we decided on the final title of the book Everything You Wish To Ask A Headhunter after taking in suggestions from him.

After passing him the draft manuscript, Kok Hwa and his team worked their magic in close collaboration with my co-author and me and together we delivered a finished product that I was very pleased with. Kok Hwa also assisted in getting us interviewed on national radio and supported the distribution of Everything You Wish To Ask A Headhunter to every major book retailer in Singapore, as well as through Amazon store. He is just as motivated as us to make sure our book is a success. The best part is, Kok Hwa is just a great guy to partner with - humble, eager to assist, responsive, good values.

I look forward to working with Kok Hwa again for my next book !
Steven Pang, author of Everything you wish to ask a Headhunter
Operations Director, Kelly Professional & Technical

Kok Hwa, I want to say thank you to you and Candid Creation Publishing to help us to publish a series of business and investing books.
In fact, based on your advice and support, one of our books Value Investing in Growth Companies, have been selected by Wiley to be published and distributed world-wide.
This would not be possible if not for your professional advice and your integrity to provide the best service and knowledge to your partners.
I would strongly advise and encourage anybody who wants to be a self-publish or co-publish to look for you and Candid Creation Publishing.
Thank you so much!

Ken Chee

Director, 8 Investment Pte Ltd

"Candid Creation Publishing did a fantastic job managing the entire publishing process of my book from concept to layout to organisation to research to pre order. Social Media 247 will be a blast under their management. Phoon Kok Hwa and his team is one of the best in Singapore for this job."

Andrew Chow
Founder of IdeaMart, Social Media Strategist and Author of Social Media 247

"Working with Candid Creation publishing has been one of the most pleasant experiences I have had. Kok Hwa is one of the most patient, honest and trustworthy professional I have worked with. 

When I first decided on writing a book, I approached a few publishers with the intent of getting advice and counsel. But to my disappointment, I did not get the advice I was looking for. Instead, most publishers were more interested in getting me to sign up for their packages and closing the sale. However, Candid Creation Publishing was different. From my first meeting with Kok Hwa until the publication of the book, the entire experience was extremely pleasant. Kok Hwa and his team were very responsive, honest and an absolute pleasure to work with. They provided me with step-by-step guidance, insights, expert advice and professional opinions that I was looking for.

The book publishing journey can be fraught with many challenges and obstacles that can discourage any first-time author. However, I must say that Candid Creation Publishing has helped to put my mind at ease and in fact, made this journey enjoyable for me.

Finally, Kok Hwa is a person who is very honest in his business dealings. He is a gem in today’s business world.  I would not hesitate to recommend Candid Creation Publishing to anyone who may be thinking of writing and publishing a book!"

Steven Lock
Founder of FutureTHINK! Training & Consultancy and Author of Hiring for Performance

"Publishing my book would not have been possible if not for Mr Phoon Kok Hwa and his team of able staff at Candid Creation Publishing LLP. Mr Phoon has since the start of my journey to publish my own book, been very supportive in giving me advice and ideas to realize my dream. When we first met, I remembered he told me that his mission was to help aspiring authors to realize their first publications. Unlike some publishers who are out to make money at the expense of the authors, Mr Phoon has always stuck by his mission. Even after the book is published, he is still giving me ideas on how to better market the books, both through word of mouth and the internet. Such publisher is indeed hard to come by and both my wife and I are truly fortunate to have worked with his team and partners."

George Chong
Author of Inorganic Chemistry Made Easy

 "For those of you who are thinking of "self-publishing" a book, my advice to you is that, you are better off working with a publisher who is not only good at what he does, but also very passionate about publishing. I would like to express my utmost thanks to my publisher Kok Hwa and his team at Candid Creation Publishing - he treats each book as his "baby", and I can imagine the joy in his eyes when this book is finally published.


He has given me many valuable suggestions and insights, without which, this book might have been a pale shadow of its current form. Kok Hwa has also gone many many extra miles even after the book is published which is evident from his untiring efforts to generate more publicity for my book and to push the book up the bestsellers chart. "

Dennis Ng

Late Founder of Mortgage Consultancy portal

“I am thankful to Kok Hwa and his team for the great effort put in to produce this wonderful book. Not only did he just do the printing and publishing as stated, he went on the extra mile to provide value added services such as touching up on the book design, conceptualizing the content and layout, recommending a PR expert to brand it, providing marketing advice and arranging for possible seminars to promote the book. Great job and service!”

Sean Lim
Financial Advisory Director, Financial Alliance Pte Ltd
Author of Happiness Within Your Reach

"I know Kok Hwa through a book launch and I’m blessed to have known him then.

Without him and his belief in my work, I wouldn’t have published my 1st poetry book today. As a newbie in the book trade, he gave me much valuable advice and guided me patiently on the process of publishing a book. 

With his encouragement and support, I am a proud author of my 1st poetry book - Be In The Moment.
Kok Hwa, thank you for believing in me and supporting me."

Iris Tan
Managing Director, Eitan Pte Ltd
Author of Be In The Moment


"I have worked with Kok Hwa on my first book called The Pursuit of Career Actualization I really appreciate the value-added services that Kok Hwa provides to guide first-time authors like myself. From drawing out my true intent of writing the book to the final stages of marketing, Kok Hwa has never failed to address and allay my concerns. I highly recommend his services to all the aspiring authors out there."

Kenneth Leow

Director, Blue & Gray Associates Pte Ltd
Author of The Pursuit of Career Actualization



"As a first-time author, I was grateful to have the assistance of Candid Creation in the publication of my book. This has been a wonderful wish come true for me, fulfilling my childhood ambition with expressing my love for travelling. I must thank Kok Hwa and his editor for their many suggestions and strong support provided in improving the presentation of my book and I appreciate that he and his team had spent the final few months of the project working closely with me. It has been a fun journey and I would highly recommend Candid Creation to friends who want to publish books too!"

Kwa Yiqian

Founder, Persian Rose


"You'd helped in framing a significance in my life by publishing my books - a step closer to bridge the gap to children's literacy. My heartfelt thanks, for your Candid Creation's guidance, without which those drafts would have been lost in the wind. "


Jessica Chong

Founder, First Bridge
Author of First Bridge Series I and Series II



Kok Hwa is the face of Candid Kids and he has been very supportive in my first children book authorship. Johnny Can See is the result of our collective effort and team work. I am happy to have produced such a successful children's book, which got featured in Lian He Wan Bao, Singapore's Woman Weekly & HomeTeamNS magazine Review. He gives me great opportunities to bounce my creative ideas and to network with people in the publishing industry. I find that I can work well with him as he is more like a friend & mentor in this publishing world.

Benita Fong

Author of Johnny Can See







一等秘书, 中国大使馆


If you are thinking of publishing your book, then do not go to anyone else but Kok Hwa!

When I first thought of writing a book and shared it with a friend, he introduced me to Kok Hwa. Kok Hwa immediately arranged to meet up with me and during that meeting he gave me a complete overview of the writing and publishing process. During that meeting he shared with me so many insights about book publishing that I never knew.

As an author, you are the master of the content. However, there are things that could be completely oblivious to you from the perspective of the reader.
Having said that, I must say that Kok Hwa isn’t your ordinary publisher. He is really the bridge between an author and the reader. When I passed him my manuscript, he took a few weeks to totally immerse himself in the content and then came out with many practical suggestions from cover to back on making the book more reader-friendly. On one of the evenings, he even sat down with me till after midnight to restructure the contents of the book. I don’t know if there is any other publisher as dedicated as he is.

But the most important thing is that Kok Hwa doesn’t just stop at just publishing the book. After the book is published, he walked through the different strategies with me to get my book sales going. He is also currently helping me to get more media exposure via magazines, newspapers, radio and even TV! Just the thought of this makes me excited about what it will do to my book publicity! I can visualize my book hitting the bestseller charts very soon.

Overall I am very pleased with the service rendered by Kok Hwa and his team at Candid Creation Publishing and strongly recommend their services to all new and aspiring authors who wish to make their book a success.


Abdul Rasheed Doad

Founder, Singapore First Aid Training Centre

Author of My True Hero



As a newbie in the publishing field, Mr Phoon has been a wonderful "Father" figure, hand-holding me through the whole publication process of my book. He provided me with lots of guidance and insightful advice. Whenever I had any doubts or queries, he was ever-willing to help. He also equipped me with many know-hows of publishing and I sure am glad to have sought him out for my book. :)


Angeline Chan


Author of Good Morning Cher!


It is good to encounter professionalism; it is absolutely delightful to encounter professionalism complemented with passion. 


That's my experience journeying with Kok Hwa and his team at Candid Creation.

When he is your publisher, it only means that your book will receive the attention to details that it deserves, and you as an author will have a smooth, reassurring and happy experience manifesting your dream. Delightful, isn't it?

Bernadette Chua

Dream Catalyst

Author of Fly Free


I appreciate Mr Phoon's patience in taking the uninitiated ,step-by-step through the creative process of a first book. I look forward to working with him again on my next project.

Helena Paterson

English teacher

Author of Composition Companion


It was a pleasure to have you help us put together my book FAST FORWARD YOUR MAKEUP. You had definitely given us valuable advice in the process and had shared your professional expertise on how to position the book and market it further. Your pleasant disposition, coupled with your smile, is a plus point whenever we met. Your positive service attitude helps a lot in the preparation of this book too.

Thank you once again for your help. Appreciate it very much.

Joshua Luke
Director/ Training & Business Development, Signature Image Academy International Pte Ltd
Author of FAST FORWARD YOUR MAKEUP, Fast Forward Your Etiquette, Fast Forward Your Customer Service

Candid Creation Publishing has been our companies' one stop publisher. It is our pleasure to be able to work with passionate individuals who are just as committed as you to see that your products are of high quality and value.  On behalf of Advocators Education and ISUN, I would like to show my utmost appreciation to the team of editors, who worked closely with us to achieve the desired outcome. Many thanks to Kok Hwa, who constantly gave us timely advice and great suggestions with regards to all aspects of publishing and book writing.

Our second book, Score the A* You Deserve for PSLE Writing has been having steady inhouse sales ever since it was launched and I strongly recommend the services of Candid Creation Publishing, to anyone who would like to turn their book writing dreams into reality.

Wee Xin Yi
Innovation Director of AdvoEdu Group



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